Signs/Open Houses


• There are no commercial signs allowed within Wynstone. The Wynstone Property Owners’ Association will provide and install, at no charge a “This Home Available” sign for the duration of the listing. Only one sign per listing agreement.

• “Open for Tour” signs may be purchased from the Wynstone Property Owners’ Association at a cost of $50.00 per sign.

• Balloons may be used to mark an Open House in the event that signage is not requested and must be removed by the end of the day.   


Open Houses

• Broker Tours: Wynstone complies with the Northwest Area Tour Day of “Tuesday”.

• Private Tours: 

  • A Listing Agent may have a private tour any day of the week with advance notification to the WPOA Office. All Open Houses must be by “Appointment Only” and a list of prospective clients given to the Public Safety (Main Gate) Office prior to the Open House.

  • All newspaper, radio and television ads must state the Open House is by “Appointment Only”. Anyone not on the advance guest list will be turned away if the Gate Officer is unable to reach the listing agent for clearance.