General Manager’s Update

Dear Wynstone Member,

It has been an exciting season for the Club and many positive and momentum building decisions have been made over the past several weeks. Without question, raising the $2.6m needed to renovate the golf course was a huge success; not only for the amenity but for the culture of the Club. There is definitely a new “buzz” at Wynstone and a noticeably renewed feeling of pride and optimism. It seems appropriate that such a landmark event in the history of the Club should occur in our 25th Anniversary year. A huge thank you is in order for those that so generously and eagerly participated in the Bond offering. President Murphy and the Board of Directors did an outstanding job of staying laser focused on the objective and spent countless hours of their personal time in private conversations with members that had questions or concerns about the offering. The Club and the Board realizes that not everyone was able to purchase a Bond unit/s, for whatever reason, but sincerely appreciates your ongoing support of the Club and its direction. The future of Wynstone Golf Club is on a clear and solid path as we begin our next 25 years.