Explanation of Fees


The annual assessments are established by the Wynstone Board of Directors with the approval of the budget. The current fee is $4,850.00, paid in semi-annual installments, due in January and July. This fee is paid by all homesites in the community. The assessment is used to pay for the maintenance of roads, common areas, parks, street lights, and fences. It is also used for commodities such as power, gas, fuel, equipment, road salt, and the salaries of the employees. An itemized budget is mailed in December.

Special Service Area #17 (SSA)

In 2009, $6,255,000 of bonds were sold to pay for the extension of a sewer line from Wynstone to the Village of Lake Zurich. Wynstone uses a lagoon system to treat the effluent wastewater from the community. The treated water is applied to the golf course when weather permits. We discharge effluent to Lake Zurich during heavy rains and winter months when the soil is snow covered and frozen.

The fee for the SSA is on the annual tax bill issued by the Lake County Tax Assessor. Every water customer of the Wynstone Water Plant is charged the SSA fee. The bonds are scheduled to be paid off in 20 years, thus this fee will be on the tax bill for approximately 16 more years. Please remember the tax bills are always a year behind. The fee on the tax bill has two components; a flat fee ($553.02  for 2014) which every customer pays, and a variable fee based on a percentage of the customers annual water usage. The fee on the tax bill is shown as a combined dollar amount. This charge changes yearly depending on the bond repayment schedule and the customer’s prior year’s water usage. Annually, in December, the tax consultants prepare the Administrative Report for the amount to be levied for the following year by the Lake County Tax Assessor.

Quarterly Water Bills

Customers of the Wynstone Water Plant will receive invoices four times a year for their water use. The fee is divided into four components:  

FlowersReserve Fund – Each year the Board determines an appropriate amount for the Water Plant Reserve Fund for future capital improvements or emergency repairs. The 2014 Reserve Fund is $128,000.00, a cost of $24.35/month ($73.05/quarter). 

Base Rate – The base rate fee is for fixed expenditures for the maintenance of the Ion Exchange Unit, fire hydrants and other equipment to operate the distribution and collection system. The fee is $64.50/month ($193.50/quarter). 

Usage Fee – The usage fee is for expenses attributed to water/sewer treatment including chemicals, testing, and utilities. The fee is $7.98 per 1,000 gallons of water. 

Each year the Board of Directors’ reviews the budget to determine the appropriate assessments and water fees.  
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