ARC Guidelines

For an entire explanation of the Architectural Review Committee Guidelines, please refer to the “ARC Guidelines”. All changes, modifications to the exterior of a

home or homesite including remodeling, additions, landscaping,require ARC review and approval.
Three (3) copies of an appropriate scaled plan need to be submitted (See Guidelines). Plans need to show setbacks, easements and elevations.

Samples of color and exterior features need to be submitted.

If any work will disturb the existing soil, a site plan should be submitted showing existing contours and final site grading including drainage information.

Permanent structures such as pavers, patios, swimming pools are strictly prohibited from encroaching into an easement or setback.

Guidelines for individual items such as pools, tennis courts, basketball hoops, satellite dishes, fountains, statues, trampolines, skate board ramps and hot tubs can be found below.

All Contractors and sub-contractors must provide Proof of Insurance.

In most cases a Permit will be required from the Village of North Barrington. The Village will only issue a permit after the Architectural Review Committee grants approval.


ARC Application for Plan Approval

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